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      6355 Topanga Canyon Blvd #529,

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      Replacement Therapy

      Restoring Health & Wellness Through Balance and Energy

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      Artfully Creating Beauty, Symmetry and Balance

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      Laser Treatments

      Resurface. Rejuvenate. Regenerate.

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      Cosmetic Procedures

      Minimally Invasive with Maximum Results

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      Welcome to

      The MedSpot

      Located in the heart of the San Fernando Valley in Woodland Hills, The Med Spot is a unique, five-star medical practice. We specialize in minimally invasive cosmetic procedures combined with healthy age management. With years of experience in this field and keeping health and wellness in mind, Dr Reyes has captured the essence of making her clients feel beautiful from the inside out. 

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      "Dr. Reyes was my very first injectible doctor experience. I was incredibly apprehensive, to say the least. That was 4 years ago. To this day, she is my most trusted doctor for enhancing my beauty."
      - Patient LM
      "A native Angelino, after I relocated to San Diego County, I had Botox injected by a nurse, as the thought of driving back to LA was a bit daunting. With this nurse, I informed her that my main doctor (Dr. Reyes) would not inject my temple area for fear of my eyelids drooping. This nurse ignored my request, injected my temple area anyway, and I had very noticeable eyelid and eye drooping hours after this procedure. It was a solid 2 months with my appearance being so negatively affected. Needless to say, I now drive back to LA consistently (it’s not even a second thought) to keep my beauty in the hands of an expert."
      - Patient MM
      "With an overly saturated market of nurses, PA’s and inexperienced doctors injecting the faces of any patient willing and able, I, first hand, saw the importance of using not only a clinical expert, but also an artistically/aesthetically trained eye. When I want more injections, if I don’t need them, Dr. Reyes will tell me no and I love that. Not all practices are created equally and that is a sincere plea to anyone – just because the price is right, doesn’t mean you’re in the right hands."
      - Patient BC
      "The choice of a person that injects you isn’t the same as picking the cheapest bunch of produce at the grocery store – frugality can have permanent, negative effects and it simply isn’t worth it!"
      - Patient KG
      "During these economic hardships, we are all tempted to chase the cheapest offer available, and I would implore people to think twice before doing that – it’s simply not worth it. I won’t go anywhere other than the Med Spot."
      - Patient LM
      "I bruise very easily and I NEVER bruise with Dr. Reyes based on some technique that I can’t explain or understand. I didn’t believe it was possible and I am thrilled!"
      - Patient ML
      "Dr. Reyes is phenomenal. She listens! Number one for me! And, she’s experienced skin issues herself so it seems like she knows how a person with skin issues feels. Very knowledgeable and took time with me to answer ANY AND ALL of my questions! I feel great to know that a doctor actually cares and is not just trying to get my money and send me on my way."
      - Patient DG
      "Dr. Michelle Reyes and staff are professional and I appreciate their quick responses to making appointments."
      - Patient PS
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      The Med Spot LA


      6355 Topanga Canyon Blvd #529
      Woodland Hills, CA 91367
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