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Artfully Creating Beauty, Symmetry and Balance

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Laser Treatments

Resurface. Rejuvenate. Regenerate.

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Non-Invasive Cosmetic Procedures

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Hormone Replacement Therapy

Restoring Health & Wellness Through Balance and Energy.

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Medical Aesthetics Center

Women operated and owned business

We’ve built a name that celebrities and critics go to for their professional non-invasive cosmetic care

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Located in the heart of the San Fernando Valley in Woodland Hills, The Med Spot is a unique, five-star medical practice. We specialize in minimally invasive cosmetic procedures combined with healthy age management. With years of experience in this field and keeping health and wellness in mind, Dr Reyes has captured the essence of making her clients feel beautiful from the inside out.

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Here at The Med Spot

We are proud to be able to offer a full spectrum of state-of-the-art aesthetic treatments combined with anti-aging therapies for exceptional results. With Dr. Reyes meticulous attention to detail as a leading aesthetic injector and intimate knowledge of facial cosmetic analysis, she is able to obtain beautiful, natural results. We believe in restoring our client’s natural beauty and offer many different avenues of treatment. Dr. Reyes has extensive experience with all cosmetic facial fillers, lip augmentation, Botox and neuromodulators, absorbable PDO thread lifts and laser skin rejuvenation. She is, in fact, an expert trainer with the latest facial thread lift techniques and combination injectable treatments and helps teach other medical professionals how to achieve unmatched results in this field. She also works hard to keep The Med Spot staff up to date on all of the latest procedures. Our expert team can address all and any issues occurring as we age from loss of facial volume, asymmetry, lax skin, and jowls to pigment, sun damage, wrinkles, fine lines, texture, and tone. When it comes to anti-aging products, we have it all and are supported by companies such as ZO Skin Health, PCA Skin, Colorscience, Merz, Galderma, and Allergan by reaching the distinguished Platinum status as one of only 4% of practices that achieve premier expert injector level. 


2019 Aesthetic Everything Awards -Voted Top 100 aesthetic doctors in the USA Dr Reyes The Med Spot

The Med Spot also provides a full array of laser therapy treatments.

In some instances, it may be very obvious which laser you would be interested in. For example, we have the latest PicoWay tattoo removal laser.  However, for general anti-aging or sun damage repair, it can be overwhelming to decide where to start. Thus, we also offer 4 different memberships to allow you to receive carefully chosen packages of skin treatments and lasers on a monthly basis.

In addition, we offer minimally invasive surgical procedures if you are looking to either correct or enhance a troublesome area. Dr. Reyes is a leader in her field when it comes to earlobe repair, Smartlipo (body contouring) and Precision TX (neck lift) which require a highly skilled surgeon who can undertake the finite complexities of these procedures. Dr. Reyes approaches all these surgical procedures with care and consideration, regarding them as an art form. As a leading cosmetic surgeon, the details are key, along with remembering ‘most importantly’ our client’s goals and expectations for their end result.  


“Dr. Reyes asks how my week was and actually listens to the answer! I cannot get over how much she cares. I never feel like I’m being hustled here like I have at med spas in the past.”


September 25, 2020

Another integral branch of our age management practice that we are so excited to offer is Bio-Identical Hormone Therapy.  

As a cutting-edge practice, we are changing lives daily for our clients who have been searching for answers to their symptoms including, but not limited to, weight gain fatigue, brain fog, low libido, depression, irritability, bone loss, stress, erectile dysfunction, hot flashes, and vaginal dryness. We know we can do so much more to balance our hormones and live, longer, happier, healthier lives. Dr. Reyes, Nurse Stephanie, and her expert team pride themselves in offering real solutions to enable you to get back to the best version of yourself. In conjunction with feeling rejuvenated, we can also incorporate enhancement treatments to Bio-Identical hormones such as the O shot, Co2re Intima, PRP hair loss therapy, laser hair removal, and medically supervised weight loss. 

Our elegant, soothing and friendly environment speaks for itself. Paving the way for overall health, wellness, and beauty, we provide a full spectrum of proven treatments and the latest in laser technologies for real results. Our professional, caring and friendly team are always here to answer any questions.  We’re here to put our clients first and help you achieve the results you’re looking for.



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