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Lip Augmentation/Rejuvenation

Lip Augmentation and Rejuvenation

Here at the MedSpot, we offer a variety of options for lip augmentation and rejuvenation. Although many people believe that dermal fillers are the only option for lip augmentation, there are other treatments that could be used in conjunction or supplementary that can be used, depending on your condition and desired effect. In addition to the use of dermal fillers, we also offer Botox, the eMatrix Sublative laser, and the CO2RE (™) laser.

Dermal Fillers for Lip Augmentation

Dermal fillers employ hyaluronic acid, one of the three naturally occurring components of the skin that are responsible for maintaining volume in the face, by injection. The filler is injected in the lips to the patient’s optimal volume and makes them look fuller and healthier. It is very effective for anyone that has lost volume in the lips or just wants to add a bit of ‘plump’ to their lips.

How Long Do Dermal Fillers Last?
Naturally occurring hyaluronic acid does not last very long so we use a synthesized formula that is much longer lasting. The hyaluronic acid we use is reversible and can last from four to six months.

About The Treatment
At The Medspot, we can use a needle but we prefer to use a blunt canula to inject the filler. This dramatically reduces swelling and bruising. The blunt end of the canula does not cut through tissue. Instead, it slides through the natural planes of the tissue and does not have the ability to cut through blood vessels like a sharp needle can. It is much easier on the skin and requires much less downtime.

Come see Dr. Reyes at MedSpot for a free consultation to further explore your options with dermal fillers and find out which method is best and most cost effective for you.

Botox for Lip Augmentation and Rejuvenation

Botox for the lips is a fairly new modality that has become very popular for people whose upper lip carries excess tension. This tension in the elevator muscles, or muscles that pull up, often results in the appearance of thin lips and gummy smiles. It can also be used to correct vertical lines around the mouth that are deep and dynamic.

How Botox for Lip Augmentation and Rejuvenation Works
Botox is injected into the upper lip to relieve the upper lip of tension that causes the lip to purse and pull up. The release of strain from the affected muscle frees the lip of excess movement and pursing. This ‘lip flip’ results in a relaxed, fuller looking upper lip.

It can also be used for wrinkles and vertical lines around the mouth that are too deep for dermal fillers to be effective. Botox can smooth the deep wrinkles and help hold the skin in place.

Side Effects of Botox for the Lips
This procedure can be difficult as it requires a very exact placement of the solution. A professional expert with experience in this treatment is necessary for proper results. If not done properly, the mouth may not be able to move correctly and/ or symmetrically. As the leading specialist in this treatment in Woodland Hills and greater San Fernando Valley areas, Dr. Reyes can assist in your choice of best treatment and will guarantee a patient’s desired results.

The EMatrix Sublative Laser and The CO2RE (™) Laser For Lip Rejuvenation

Collagen rejuvenating laser treatments such as fractionated radio frequency (eTwo Sublative) and fractionated ablative CO2 (C02Re TM) stimulate the skin to rejuvenate and restore itself.

How EMatrix Sublative Laser and The CO2RE (™) Laser Work
Although these two methods are very similar, each has its own purpose. Between these two methods the fractionated ablative CO2 is the more aggressive. The fractionated radio frequency (eTwo Sublative) projects microscopic electrical pules into the tissue which stimulates the skin to rehabilitate and rejuvenate itself. The fractionated ablative CO2 (C02Re TM) actually evaporates tissue which causes the body to stimulate and restore the skin at a much more rapid rate.

Is There Downtime For These Procedures?
Both modalities require some downtime from slight bruising and swelling. Because the C02Re TM is a more aggressive laser, there will be more downtime. Because the eMatrix Sublative laser is not as aggressive, more treatments would be required.

Come to the MedSpot in Woodland Hills to find out which treatment or combination of treatments is best for you.

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