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Hormonal Changes with Age

Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy

Hormones play a critical role in all functions of the body including sexual function, brain function, digestion and growth. They are the agents that tell the body what to do and when to do it. Imbalances in hormones can provide many dilemmas for you and your body.

With age, both men and woman lose hormones that are responsible for proper function in the brain and the body. By supplementing these hormones with new, healthy hormones, we can inhibit the natural aging process and bring your body back to optimal function. Through analysis of blood work, we are able to understand which hormones are deficient and how lacking they are. After this analysis, we can prescribe a specific hormone therapy regimen.

What are Bioidentical Hormones?

Bioidentical hormones are hormones derived from natural sources, like plants, that can seamlessly replace and replenish hormones in the body. They can be administered using a number of methods. Here at The Med Spot we offer creams, injections, pills, and pellets for hormone treatment.

BioTe ™ Pellet Therapy

This method of bioidentical hormone therapy offers more lasting effects than other forms of hormone therapy. These pellets are inserted 2 to 4 times yearly. This allows the body’s hormones to stabilize, unlike other treatments that are more short-lived. These other treatments may cause hormone levels to plummet as they wear off. Because these pellets constantly provide the right amount of hormones to the body, hormone levels are stable and consistent.

What are BioTe ™ Pellets Made Of?
These pellets contain bioidentical hormones that are completely natural, derived entirely from plants. No synthetic hormones are used in this product. Even though the hormones come from plants, they are completely identical to those produced in the human body

How Long Until the BioTe ™ Pellet Therapy Takes Effect?
This is dependent on the unique condition of each patient. Some people report results in the first 4 weeks of the treatment, although optimal results are often seen after 6 months of the implant. If you are in need of hormone therapy, know that this pellet therapy is extremely effective but expect some time before you feel its effect.

To know more about this FDA recognized treatment, come to Dr. Reyes at The Med Spot in Woodland Hills for a free consultation.

Compounded Hormone Therapy Treatment

Compounded hormone therapy is an excellent supplement to BioTe ™ Pellet Therapy. If your hormone related issues are not so serious, you can use these on their own. Compounded hormones are specifically designed case to case to ensure the hormones you are lacking are wholly revitalized and replenished. They are especially useful when commercially available hormone solutions do not suit a patient’s specific needs. These are less costly than the BioTe ™ Pellet Therapy, so this treatment might be a good place to start.

Do I Receive these Treatments In-office?
Unlike BioTe ™ Pellet Therapy, compounded hormone solutions are created specifically for you and prescribed for in-home use. At The Med Spot, we do require blood work to be taken incrementally while using these compounded hormone solutions to understand your progress and how your body is reacting to the treatment. This is necessary for optimal treatment and progress. Outside of this, the treatment is easy and simple.

How are Compounded Hormone Treatments Made?
Once we analyze a patient’s blood work, we are able to closely assess which hormones need supplementing and restoring. We then look for any other potential deficiencies and allergies. Once this is is completed, we relay our analysis to a trusted pharmacist with experience in creating compounded hormone solutions. We then receive this specifically crafted compounded hormone solution in pill, injectable, or cream form and can pass it on to you.

This whole process takes a lot of skill and experience. All medical professionals involved much have an in depth understanding of hormones, body chemistry, and all potential side effects related to anything in the hormone solution. This is why it is essential that a patient finds a capable, accomplished physician that is well versed in blood analysis and hormone administration.

How Long is the Compounded Hormone Therapy Treatment?
Each patient experiences results at different points of their treatment, depending on each individual’s particular situation. That being said, persistent hormone therapy is recommended. As we age, our natural hormones deplete so consistent use of hormone solutions is most benefitting.

As the #1 physician in hormone therapy in Calabasas, Woodland Hills, West Hills, Chatsworth and the entire greater San Fernando Valley, Dr. Reyes has the understanding and skill to create a hormone therapy program that is specifically designed for you. Come to see Dr. Reyes and her team at The Med Spot for a free consultation.

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