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Hormone Therapy for Weight Loss

What Is Hormone Therapy for Weight Loss?

Hormone therapy for weight loss helps you improve hormonal imbalances (such as estrogen and testosterone) that may be contributing to weight gain or making it difficult for you to lose excess weight. Hormonal imbalances can be caused by myriad factors of including nutritional deficiencies, low physical activity level, poor sleep quality, chronic stress, and the use of certain medications. In addition to weight gain, common signs of hormonal imbalance include fatigue, depression, decreased sexual libido, and fertility problems.

How Does Hormone Therapy for Weight Loss Work?

Hormone therapy for weight loss can assist your body in regulating levels of certain hormones causing you to gain weight. Hormones that play an important role in weight gain include estrogen, testosterone, thyroid hormones, cortisol, and dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA). Included in this treatment therapy, The Med Spot in Woodland Hills can perform tests that measure your current levels of hormones and determine which hormones require restoration to help you lose weight.

Hormone therapy for weight loss involves the use of bioidentical hormone replacement (BHRT) therapy and compounded hormone therapy.

The hormones used in BHRT are derived from natural plant sources that mimic hormones in the human body. Therefore, they produce fewer side effects than many conventional forms of HRT (Hormone Replacement Therapy), which are derived from the urination of mares. BHRT is available in the form of subdermal pellets that are inserted just below the skin’s surface and that operate on extended-release into your bloodstream (as needed) to alleviate hormone imbalances and help you lose weight.

BHRT at The Med Spot is personalized and begins with you undergoing blood work to identify your specific hormones that need replenishing. A pharmacist will then specially formulate your individualized hormone therapy treatment plan, which is available in the form of pills, creams, and as an injectable solution.

Why Hormone Therapy Is Better Than Other Alternatives

Hormone therapy can address the root cause of weight gain if hormonal imbalances are triggering your weight gain or your inability to lose weight. Diet and exercise can often be effective in helping you lose some excess weight, but also may not help you reach your weight-loss goals when hormonal imbalances are present.

Common alternative weight-loss treatments include prescription drugs, gastric balloons, and weight-loss surgeries (including gastric bypass surgery and gastric banding). However, all of these treatments are associated with serious side effects and do not treat the root cause of weight gain.

Hormone therapy with BHRT and compounded hormones are superior to other weight-loss treatments because it produces no serious side effects and addresses the root cause of weight gain so that you can stay within a healthy weight range and feel amazing and energized for years to come.

Who Can Benefit From Hormone Therapy for Weight Loss?

Hormone therapy for weight loss at The Med Spot can benefit anyone who lives near Calabasas, Hidden Hills, or Tarzana that may be experiencing difficulty with losing excess weight by diet or regular exercise alone. Hormone therapy can also benefit men and women who are experiencing other symptoms of hormonal imbalances including (but not limited to) sexual dysfunction, night sweats, and mood swings.

Why Ask for Hormone Therapy at The Med Spot?

The Med Spot uses BHRT and compounded hormone therapy to help people lose excess weight and become healthier, happier versions of themselves. Dr. Michelle Reyes is devoted to helping you identify the root cause of weight gain and may combine your hormone therapy with a healthy ketogenic diet or intermittent fasting. If hormone therapy doesn’t help you achieve desired weight loss results, Dr. Michelle Reyes may also discuss your options for prescription weight-loss medications and other weight-loss solutions.

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