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IV Therapy

IV Therapy for Weight Loss: Improve Health and Accelerate Your Metabolism

Getting intravenous or IV drips of vitamins, minerals, and fat-burning supplements is a fantastic way to enhance or kick-start your weight loss while following a diet and exercise plan.

IV therapy bypasses the digestive system to deposit nutrients directly into your bloodstream. Eating food and taking vitamin and mineral supplements only allows 15 to 25 percent of nutrients to be absorbed by the body because everything must be first broken down in the gut. IV therapy lets 100 percent of the vitamins and minerals enter the body through a shortcut, for an extra-potent nutritional boost.

How Does IV Therapy for Weight Loss Work?

At The Med Spot, you will be given a full assessment including blood analysis to determine what your body needs to reverse your weight gain and promote your weight loss. The IV drip you receive will be specially formulated to rev up your metabolism and your fat loss through a concentrated blend of essential vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and lipotropic (fat-burning) substances in a hydrating saline base.


The saline in our IV drips is identical to the saline that you would receive in the hospital for dehydration. This fluid has the appropriate balance of sodium chloride and water for your body’s peak functioning. Hydrating in this ultra-efficient manner helps fat elimination, decreases appetite, and reduces fluid retention.

Vitamin B12

B12 is an essential vitamin for a healthy metabolism. It increases energy, decreases fatigue, and converts carbohydrates into the glucose that your body and your brain both need to function. When you have sub-optimal levels of Vitamin B12, your metabolism is slower, you burn fewer calories, and your body works to conserve your fat stores. Low B12 can even hinder your circulation and respiration, which interferes with exercising—a key component of a healthy lifestyle and effective weight loss efforts.

Lipotropic Substances

IV therapy combines lipotropic (fat-burning) substances like inositol, choline, and methionine, which optimize metabolic processes and reduce fat deposits. These substances promote burning fat for energy, which boosts your metabolism and preserves your muscle mass as you lose weight. Inositol is needed for transporting fat through the body, and it works more efficiently in conjunction with choline, which prevents fatty acids from being deposited. Methionine assists the liver as it processes fatty acids, and it also stimulates detoxification.

What Can IV Therapy for Weight Loss Do for Me?

IV therapy can boost your weight loss efforts in a number of ways, including:

  • Fat burning – Our IV drips are formulated to encourage your body to burn fat—a bodily process known as lipolysis—through several avenues. One of the most direct is the addition of lipotropic compounds like inositol, choline, and methionine, which work to help your body break down and eliminate fat cells at a faster rate.
  • Muscle growth – Low-calorie and long-term dieting can lead to losing muscle instead of fat. However, studies have shown that patients given lipotropic compounds benefit not only from reduced-fat but also from increased muscle.
  • Workout recovery – If exercise is a part of your weight loss plan, you may have experienced an energy crash after working out. Vitamin deficiencies or poor glucose metabolism may be responsible for this energy drop. IV therapy can replenish these needed vitamins and minerals, and, in particular, vitamin B12, which will ensure you have the glucose you need for body and brain energy. IV therapy will speed up your post-workout recovery and give you more energy during workouts.
  • Enhanced hydration – It’s no surprise that an IV drip will increase your hydration. What may be surprising, however, is how essential hydration is for losing weight. When dehydrated, your body cannot maintain its energy levels, nor can it burn or eliminate fat. With proper hydration, your digestion improves, your muscles work better, and your appetite is reduced. In fact, feelings of hunger are quite often misinterpreted signals that your body needs water.
  • Energy boost – The B12 and other essential B vitamins in our IV fluids support many critical functions, including your metabolism and cardiovascular system. B-complex vitamins also invigorate you by combating fatigue and helping you feel stronger and more energized.
  • Metabolism boost – A fast metabolism allows you to burn more calories and store less fat. Differing metabolism rates are why some people never struggle with weight issues and others always do. Most people tend to put on weight as they age because their metabolism slows down. Thankfully, this decline can be reversed with IV therapy for weight loss.
  • Improving your sleep – Research has shown that sleep is essential for all aspects of health and wellness. Not getting enough sleep, or getting poor quality sleep, increases your appetite and leads to specific cravings for calorie-dense, fatty, and sugary foods. When you get good quality sleep, your brain and body can repair overnight, your muscles rebuild, and your fat cells are processed and transported for elimination. You lose more weight and wake up with more energy. Irregular sleep can often be caused by specific vitamin deficiencies. IV therapy can correct those deficiencies so that you’ll get the sleep you need for your body to achieve peak functioning.
  • Correct Adrenal Exhaustion – Pretty much everyone is stressed these days, and when you’re stressed, your hormones can become out of balance due to overworked adrenal glands. Your body will produce too much or too little cortisol as a result, which, in turn, affects your blood sugar. Changing blood sugar levels cause low energy and cravings for high-calorie foods. IV therapy provides nutrients your body craves, thereby helping to rebalance your system and heal the wear and tear stress inflicts on the body. Your metabolism and your immune system will function more effectively, and you’ll feel better, making a healthy diet and active lifestyle come more naturally.

Why is IV Therapy for Weight Loss Better than Dieting Alone?

IV therapy for weight loss is excellent support for diet and exercise efforts, but it can’t produce weight loss on its own. However, there are times when your diet and exercise efforts may stall out. Perhaps you’ve run out of energy. IV therapy can reinvigorate and remotivate you. Or perhaps you’re following a weight loss program to a T, but you’ve hit a plateau. IV therapy can restart your fat burn.

Beginning your weight loss efforts with IV therapy is even better, as you will be giving your metabolism and entire body the healthy support it needs every step of the way. Also, you will be able to reach your goals faster, with less frustration, and with better levels of energy and wellbeing.

Why Should You get IV Therapy for Weight Loss at The Med Spot?

There is no better place to receive IV therapy for weight loss than The Med Spot. This five-star medical practice is led by Dr. Michelle Reyes, whose scrupulous attention to detail will ensure that your IV therapy will promote not only weight loss, but also health. Having a medical doctor oversee your therapy is ideal so that your vitals and bloodwork can be regularly monitored, and so the IV treatment itself will follow hospital standards of safety.

The Med Spot also provides other weight management services, starting with a blood test and one-on-one consultation to create a customized treatment plan. If you want nutritional counseling, Dr. Michelle Reyes’ balanced approach focuses on weight loss, energy, and health. Weight loss is not a success if it isn’t healthy, or if you look good but don’t feel good. The Med Spot will help you to succeed both inside and out.

Other tools The Med Spot uses for weight loss include journaling and weekly dietary counseling. This allows your treatment team to understand what works best for your unique body and lifestyle, and to make adjustments and suggestions as needed. Dr. Michelle Reyes can also support your weight loss efforts through other therapies. In addition to IV therapy, The Med Spot offers bioidentical hormone replacement therapy, HCG injections, and more, depending upon what you require to achieve your personal goals.

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The Med Spot treats a wide range of patients, from celebrities to critics to stay-at-home moms, in Tarzana, Calabasas, Woodland Hills, Hidden Hills, and the greater San Fernando Valley area. Dr. Michelle Reyes combines her extensive clinical experience and training with cutting-edge products and technology to help these patients be their best selves.

To learn more about IV therapy for weight loss, please contact The Med Spot and schedule an appointment for a personal one-on-one consultation with Dr. Michelle Reyes. Discover how our brand of customized, luxury care can revitalize you from the inside out.

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