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Acne Scars

Acne Scars

Ematrix Sublative ™ For Acne Scars

The eMatrix Sublative is the safest among the most effective treatments for acne scars. There is practically no downtime— redness subsides within 1 to 2 days.

How It Works
The sublime works by utilizing a combination bi-polar radio frequency and light energies to heat the deep dermal tissue. This heat stimulates collagen production and formation in the targeted treatment area. This allows the skin to heal faster and produce new, healthy skin with more collagen, without hurting the skin that is on top. This stimulation results in the body telling the targeted areas with scars to heal. As eMatrix assists with this healing, scars are replaced with new collagen-rich skin.

About the Procedure
The eMatrix Sublative is fairly quick procedure only taking approximately 15-20 minutes. Most patient’s will receive 3 to 4 treatments, although this can vary depending on the depth and extent of the scars. A patient will need about 4 to 6 weeks of recovery before receiving each subsequent treatment. There is little to no pain during the procedure— just a warm, tingly sensation. Following the procedure, a patient will most often experience redness, mild swelling, and peeling of the skin. We suggest that a patient avoids the sun, swimming, exercise, and any other straining physical activity until the skin is fully healed.

For more questions about the procedure and other options specific to you come in to Dr. Reyes at the Med Spot in Woodland Hills for a free consultation.

CO2RE ™ Laser Treatment for Acne Scars

CO2RE™ is a 4th generation laser that uses fractional CO2 laser energy to smooth out fine to severe lines and wrinkles and reduce scarring, blemishes, age spots, and sun damage of the face around the chest, décolletage, and hands. Although different, the CO2RE™ revitalizes the skin and production of collagen in a similar way. It only treats a portion of the skin, leaving healthy tissues and skin around it intact and unaffected. This is why it is called a “fractional” laser— it only treats a fraction of the skin that needs treatment.
The CO2RE™ laser creates microscopic holes in deep layers of the dermus. These deep dermal layers are healed from the deepest parts up to the surface, making sure the scar is healed from its root. Healing and healthy skin and tissue production results in scars being healed and replaced by smooth, new skin.

Method of Treatment
The CO2RE™ laser treatment only requires a topical numbing cream. Patients only experience mild pain during the procedure. Downtime for this procedure is very minimal. A patient is expected to heal within 4 days. During these 4 days, the patient will use a topical cream to further assist with healing

Is CO2RE™ Right For You?
The CO2RE™ laser is FDA approved and is effective on all types and colors of skin. To see if this procedure is right for you and explore options specific to your situation come to the MedSpot in Woodland Hills for a free consultation with Dr. Reyes.

Subcision with Dermal Filler for Acne Scars

Surgical subcision for acne scars is the most lasting method for deep scars from cystic acne. These scars run deep and are often attached to tissues beneath the skin. For this reason, they are often referred to as anchored or tethered acne scars. The reason for these depressions in the skin from cystic acne are because these anchors hold the skin where the cyst once was. By freeing the scar of this anchor, there will be no more pull on your skin, and thus, the depression will be eliminated. A dermal filler is used as a spacer. A small amount is inserted between cut axis and the skin. The space that is made from the filler stops the bonds of the scarring from reforming.

About The Procedure
To free the scar of this anchor, a small incision is made to cut the horizontal axis of the scar. By cutting the axis, the scar tissue is freed of the tension pulling the skin down which causes dents or depression in the skin. After the axis is cut, a very small amount of dermal filler is used to create space between the skin and where the base of the scar underneath the skin was. This allows the skin on the surface to heal while stopping the bond underneath the skin from returning.

Why Subcision?
Surgical subcision for acne scars is the more reliable modality for getting rid of deep acne scars. Most people with acne scars have the vertical anchors underneath the skin. Lasers and micro-needling only affective the vertical axis of the scars. To eliminate depressions in the skin, the connection needs to be cut horizontally. Subcision does exactly that. This is why 80% of people have reported significantly better results than those from lasers, or any other method.

Who Are The Best Candidates for Subcision Treatments?
There are many potentially effective methods for acne scars, depending on your skin and acne. To find out which method is best, and more about subcision and other modalities for acne scarring, contact the MedSpot in Woodland Hills for a free consultation with Dr. Reyes.

VBeam Perfecta ™ for Acne Scarring

The VBeam Perfecta ™ is a pulsed dye laser that is used to treat inflammation and abnormal pigmentation of the skin. It is a very gently laser that is so safe and non-invasive, it is even used on infants that suffer from problems with skin pigmentation.

How It Works
The laser is waved over the affected areas, sending intense beams of light into the skin. The laser is strong enough to promote healing and the production of collagen, but not strong enough to damage the outer skin. Redness from acne scarring is often from skin healing poorly. As a result, tough tissue forms which can lead to the development of unhealthy skin. As the VBeam encourages healing in the acne scar beneath the surface, the skin will, in turn, heal healthily with more collagen and new skin. Because of this, redness from scarring is eliminated.

Is VBeam Perfecta ™ Right For Me?
If you are experiencing redness, Vbeam is perfect for you. It is minimally invasive with no downtime. You may also experience mild bruising and swelling, only within 1 to 2 days after the procedure.
Because of its mildness and healing qualities, this procedure is a great supplement to other procedures like the CO2RE™ laser, the eMatrix Sublative ™ laser, and subcision for acne scarring.

As the the leaders in acne scar elimination in Calabasas, Woodland Hills, West Hills, and the greater San Fernando Valley, we will help you explore and understand all options for getting rid of your scars. Come in to the MedSpot in Woodland Hills for a free consultation with Dr. Reyes to find out what is best for you.

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