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Medication Support

What Is Medication Support?

Medication support aims to help you optimize your health by evaluating whether the medications you are taking are improving your health problems or contributing to new ones. Many medications work by reducing symptoms of health issues rather than addressing and treating their root causes. As a result, many people end up staying on medications for months or years without experiencing an improvement in their symptoms while also suffering unnecessary side effects.

Medication support focuses on helping you cut down on any medications that may be driving your health issues. This service also emphasizes nutrition and other healthy lifestyle behaviors that can eliminate your need for certain medications while also improving your condition.

How Does Medication Support Work?

At your first appointment, Dr. Michelle Reyes will review your medical history and all the medications you are using. Then, she will talk to you about your current health problems to find out how long you’ve been having those problems, whether they have worsened or improved since you started using the medication, and whether you have developed any new health issues since.

Dr. Michelle Reyes will then determine whether it would benefit you to reduce or stop any medications, and/or start taking other medications that may be more effective at improving your condition. She may recommend treatments such as vitamin B12 injections that don’t produce side effects, and may also order blood work and other testings to learn more about your health conditions and about whether your medications are helping.

What Medication Support Can Do For You

Medication support has the potential to help you improve or recover from certain health conditions by replacing medications with healthy lifestyle behaviors and other effective treatments that produce no side effects. Regular exercise, quality sleep, and nutrition can often improve a wide variety of health and medical problems.

Medication support may also lead to replacing medications with others that don’t increase the risk of other health problems. For example, women who are experiencing side effects from conventional hormone replacement therapy (HRT), including fluid retention, headaches, and mood changes, may be switched to bioidentical HRT that does not produce these effects.

Who Can Benefit From Medication Support?

Medication support can benefit anyone of any age in Calabasas, Hidden Hills, and surrounding areas who are using one or more medications and are not experiencing an improvement in their health. People who are experiencing new health issues after starting new medications, or who want to avoid the side effects of certain medications can also benefit from medication support.

Others who can benefit from medication support include those who want to discontinue medications and lead healthier, drug-free lifestyles. This service can also benefit those who are not using any medications at all, but who want to work with Dr. Michelle Reyes to find safe, effective medications shown promising at boosting and improving their health.

Why Ask For Medication Support At The Med Spot?

The Med Spot in Woodland Hills offers several wellness services that can help you feel more energetic, vibrant, younger, and all-around healthier. Medication support is an ideal complement to nutrition, weight management, and age management services at The Med Spot, as it may be used to help you lose excess weight and address age-related health problems such as pain, diabetes, and joint problems that commonly affect older adults. Additionally, Dr. Michelle Reyes and the team at The Med Spot are invested in helping you improve your health so you won’t have to worry about being prescribed medications that may lead to other conditions.

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