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Weight Loss Programs

Weight Loss With the Med Spot: An Individualized Approach To Address the Root Causes of Your Body Concerns

Weight Management at The Med Spot

Anyone who struggles with body issues knows the burden of feeling blamed for your weight gain and how frustrating it is when the old-fashioned “calories in-calories out” weight loss formulas fail. That is not your fault. Weight gain and loss are much more complicated than people get led to believe.

At the Med Spot, Dr. Michelle Reyes and her experienced staff understand that being overweight has a wide range of different causes. A lack of exercise and a poor diet can certainly contribute to these issues. Other physical concerns can play a part, such as sleep, stress, hormone imbalances, and your digestive processes.

At the Med Spot, we will determine the root causes of your unwanted weight and then design a targeted weight loss program to suit your unique needs.

How Exactly Does The Med Spot Customize Your Weight Loss?

Blood Work

The first step in creating your customized weight loss program is to schedule a consultation and take a blood sample. Analyzing your blood can shine a light on various reasons that you may find it difficult to lose weight or might be gaining weight despite healthy habits.

Bloodwork can reveal problems with insulin, thyroid imbalances, or low levels of sex hormones. All of which remain essential to a healthy metabolism. The Med Spot offers hormone replacement therapy, which can get your body not just looking better but feeling much better as well. The goal is not just to have a well-maintained exterior but to achieve overall wellness.

During your consultation with Dr. Michelle Reyes, you will discuss your lab results and how any imbalances can impact overall health and weight loss efforts. She will ensure you understand your situation and the available treatment options to make an informed decision regarding treatment and goal options.

The Med Spot can also provide patients with prescription medications that suppress the appetite and speed up the metabolism. Your bloodwork results and your personal consultation will reveal if you are a good candidate for this kind of medication.

Journals and Weekly Check-ins

To better understand the direct effects that the program is having, you will get asked to keep a daily journal documenting your experience. That will give Dr. Michelle Reyes and healthcare team members at The Med Spot more insight into what is happening in your everyday life and how that is impacting your desired results. These insights will allow Dr. Michelle Reyes and The Med Spot team to coach you on strategies for weight loss and show her the best way to adjust your treatment plan if needed. All bodies are different, and not everyone reacts to the same nutritional or supplemental approach in the same way.

In addition to monitoring your journal entries, these weekly visits will check up on your weight, pulse, and blood pressure. Periodically, you will also get given further blood tests to re-check your hormone levels or other issues for which you are getting treated. Throughout your weight loss journey, you will get to know what your body needs to look and feel its best.

Dr. Michelle Reyes’ Standard Nutritional Approach for Weight Management

Your weight loss plan at The Med Spot will feature a nutritional approach that not only assists with weight loss but also your overall health and energy levels. Here are a few of the techniques she employs in her five-star medical practice.

  • Intermittent Fasting. This weight loss approach primarily works by limiting how many calories you take in. However, it has encouraged an increase in cellular repair and growth hormone, improved gene function, and a drop in insulin levels for some patients

A few of the fasting methods that Dr. Michelle Reyes and her team have seen the most dramatic weight loss results from are:

  • The 5:2 Diet. On this diet, you will only eat 500 to 600 calories on two days a week while eating whatever you want on the other five days.
  • The 16/8 Method. This diet gives you eight hours for eating each day and requires you to fast for the remaining 16 hours. Most patients following this plan skip breakfast, eat lunch at around noon and stop eating for the day at 8 p.m.
  • The Eat Stop Eat Method. With this diet, you fast for 24 hours on one or two days per week. A note on Intermittent Fasting: Fasting is not appropriate for everyone. It can be harmful to individuals with blood sugar issues, diabetes, or low blood pressure, and who are underweight, pregnant, trying to conceive, or taking certain medications. This is another reason The Med Spot’s one-on-one consultations are so crucial for your weight loss plan. The plan is only a success if it increases your health.
  • The Keto Diet. You’ve probably heard about Keto for weight loss. The ketogenic diet is a low carbohydrate and high-fat consumption plan. Among patients for whom this plan works, it encourages the body to burn fat for energy, stabilizes insulin, and speeds up the metabolism. There have been studies showing this way of eating can benefit many other health issues as well. Because of how the keto diet works in the body, how many calories you take in isn’t critical. As long as you follow the diet rules to stay in ketosis, you can eat as much food as you want.
  • HCG (human chorionic gonadotropin). HCG is a hormone that the body produces during pregnancy. When given to someone for weight loss management, it may increase and stabilize metabolism, assisting with fat loss while preventing the loss of muscle mass. Patients on the HCG diet eat only 500 calories a day diet. The HCG hormone may reduce the appetite and counteract the other common effects of low-calorie diets, such as reduced metabolism and losing muscle instead of fat. Patients initially lose a pound or two daily. HCG products are available over the counter, but these do not contain genuine HCG. This hormone must be prescribed and injected by a medical professional. Due to the extremely low-calorie intake of this diet and its side effects, this plan is not suitable for all patients.

Hormone Replacement Therapy at The Med Spot

Hormones are critical for all body functions, including growth, digestion, and metabolism. Both men and women lose hormones or experience hormonal imbalances with age, and this can happen at a much younger age for some people. Thankfully, no matter when it begins, this part of the aging process can get reversed by supplementing the body with new, healthy hormones.

Through blood work analysis, we can determine which hormones you are deficient in and how much supplementation will be required to bring you back into balance and optimal functioning. If you have found yourself gaining weight despite healthy eating and a regular exercise routine, or if you have gradually become too tired to exercise the way you used to, insufficient levels of testosterone or another hormone could be the problem. With proper levels restored, some patients find themselves losing weight almost as quickly as they gained it.

The Med Spot specializes in Bioidentical Hormone Therapy, which derives hormones from natural, plant-based sources. Bioidentical hormones replenish your body’s levels in a way that complements its natural processes because they seamlessly fill in where needed. You can choose compounded hormone therapy if your issue is mild or, for more dramatic results, choose BioTe™ Pellet Therapy.

Why Should You Seek a Weight Loss Plan at The Med Spot?

The Med Spot is a top-of-the-line medical practice dedicated to elevating natural beauty, both inside and out. With loyal clients from Calabasas, Tarzana, Woodland Hills, Hidden Hills, and the greater San Fernando Valley, Dr. Michelle Reyes apply the latest research and extensive clinical experience to provide every single one with a customized plan to achieve their ideal body and their optimum health.

The Med Spot for All Your Aesthetic Needs

Dr. Michelle Reyes is a trusted name in healthy weight loss, age management, and non-invasive cosmetic enhancement. To learn how you can reach your beauty and wellness goals, schedule a personal one-on-one consultation. Meet the staff, tour the offices, and discover the many ways that The Med Spot provides personalized, luxury care to clients like you every day.

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