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Laser Acne Treatment: Isolaz®

Enjoy Cleaner, Clearer Skin With Painless Light Treatment

Acne can sap your confidence. You can spend a lot of time worrying about and trying to cover acne before going out to socialize with family and friends. Some might skip going out altogether because of acne flare-ups. It can be painful and lead to permanent scarring, and we understand it makes people feel self-conscious.

Fortunately, there are many acne treatment options, including Isolaz®. We call Isolaz® laser acne treatment, but it actually uses intense pulsed light (IPL, more on this later). If you are looking for effective, painless acne treatment in the Calabasas area, Dr. Michelle Reyes at The Med Spot in Woodland Hills is ready to help. Since 1997, she has helped people enjoy a better life, and now she wants to help you dramatically reduce or even eliminate your acne with Isolaz® and other treatment options.

What Isolaz® Can Do for You

Isolaz® is a distinct acne treatment that can help purify your face, cleanse pores, cleanse your face, eliminate the oils that feed bacteria, and kill the bacteria themselves. It also combats skin redness and inflammation. As a result, you can achieve:

  • Clearer complexion
  • Minimization of clogged pores
  • Reduced inflammation and bacteria
  • Fewer outbreaks

Although it takes several treatments, Isolaz® can reduce your acne significantly when used by itself. In combination with other treatments, you can see even better acne reduction.

How Isolaz® Works

Isolaz® uses patented Photopneumatic™ treatment to achieve acne reduction. This treatment combines both a vacuum and light energy to clean your face and control acne.

First, Isolaz® uses a vacuum to remove blackheads, oil, bacteria, and other blockages from your pores. This helps your pores stay clear and reduces the organic material that feeds the infection of your face that causes acne. Then Isolaz® pulses your skin with a wide-spectrum light. It’s not a laser, although the name implies that it’s a laser, we often call it laser acne treatment, and it’s even classified as a laser by the FDA.

There are benefits to Isolaz® not being a laser. Lasers often have downtime, whereas Isolaz® does not have downtime. The IPL treatment is hard on the bacteria but gentle on your skin. Don’t worry: it’s still effective. IPL can reduce acne by about half when used on its own. When Isolaz® is combined with vacuum cleaning and other treatments, you can see an even greater improvement. Isolaz® combines IPL and vacuum cleaning making it effective at reducing acne and achieving optimal results.

Benefits of Isolaz®

Thanks to the combined technology, Isolaz® can be a good choice for targeting acne. With Isolaz® treatment, you can enjoy:

  • Painless treatment
  • Little to no side effects
  • Few interactions with other treatments
  • No downtime

One of the best benefits of Isolaz® is that it’s completely painless. In clinical trials, 100% of respondents said there was no pain associated with Isolaz®. Isolaz® also has few side effects, and because it’s not a systemic treatment, there are few interactions with other treatments.

You have no downtime with Isolaz®. The only caution is that you should avoid excessive sun exposure and use proper sunscreen after treatment.

Why Get Laser Acne Treatment at The Med Spot in Woodland Hills

If you are tired of dealing with acne and want a way to reduce or help other treatments eliminate your acne, Dr. Michelle Reyes at The Med Spot in Woodland Hills can help. Since 1997, she has been helping people enjoy better lives in the Calabasas area. At the request of her patients, she has expanded her practice to offer Isolaz® and other minimally invasive cosmetic treatments as well as age management strategies. People like her gentle, compassionate approach to care.

In addition to using advanced technology like Isolaz®, Dr. Reyes has assembled a team of highly skilled professionals who share her ideals. Together, we work hard to ensure not just that you get great results but that you enjoy a great experience. We have made The Med Spot a safe place where everyone is welcome. You are always free to ask questions, and you remain in charge of your treatment.

To learn whether laser acne treatment or another approach might be best for you, please call 818-857-4299 or contact The Med Spot online today for a one-on-one consultation with Dr. Michelle Reyes or a member of The Med Spot team.

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