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Sexual Health and Vaginal Rejuvenation

Vaginal Rejuvenation Treatments

Vaginal rejuvenation has much farther reaching benefits than simply treating the aesthetic appearance of the vagina. Although it does have an positive effect on the look of the vagina, these treatments can substantially improve a person’s quality of life and sexual function.

CO2RE Intima TM CO2 Laser for Vaginal Rejuvenation

The CO2RE™ laser is not only for resurfacing and revitalizing the skin. With Candela’s addition of the CO2RE Intima TM, we are now able to restore vital functions of the vagina and eliminate related problems. These include:
• Vaginal dryness
• Vaginal wall thinning and weakness
• Reduced sexual sensation and satisfaction
• Pain with intercourse
• Stress Urinary Incontinence
• Increased urinary tract and vaginal infections (i.e. Atrophic vaginitis)
• Labial laxity

How CO2RE Intima TM CO2 Laser Works
This fractional CO2 laser applies energy to the inner walls of the vagina and surrounding labia. This energy based treatment heats the connective tissue of the vaginal wall to induce collagen contraction, new collagen production, vascularization, and growth factor production.

Benefits from Vaginal Rejuvenation with the CO2RE Intima TM
From this treatment, the vaginal tissue is revitalized to improve elasticity of the vaginal wall and moisture of the vaginal mucosa. The clinical result is reduction of pain with intercourse, tightening of the vagina and improved sexual sensation and lubrication. It also improves the pH of the vagina so the healthy microbiomes can be restored. This is how laser vaginal rejuvenation restores the body’s natural protection from genitourinary infections.

The laser energy applied inside the vagina not only strengthens the vaginal wall, it also strengthens the wall between the vagina and the urethra. The urethral wall often weakens with age. This puts you at risk for the progressively worsening condition of stress urinary incontinence. Laser vaginal rejuvenation can provide significant improvement in women with stress urinary incontinence, allowing relief of the use of panty liners or pads.

This laser can also treat mild loss of tone in the labia. This improves sensation in the affected area.

VFit Plus TM for Vaginal Wall Strengthening and Sexual Function

The Vfit Plus ™ is an excellent supplement to the the CO2RE Intima TM and other vaginal restoration treatments. This laser uses heat, LED technology, and sonic energy to encourage healthy function of the vagina. This treatment is so gentle and safe that anyone can purchase it and use it at home.

The Performance of The Vfit Plus ™
Each technology utilized in the Vfit Plus ™ affects different different functionalities in the treated area. By promoting blood flow, the heat energy of the instrument floods the vaginal area with oxygen, various proteins, and essential vitamins. This promotes healing and collagen production and contraction in the area. This also improves the condition of the elastin (the protein that is responsible for elasticity in the skin) and increases moisture in the vagina.The LED technology in the instrument assists in reducing inflammation in the vagina by promoting blood flow. The sonic energy aids in tightening muscles of the pelvic floor of the vagina. This helps with stress urinary incontinence and overall control of the vagina.

About In-Home Use
This is the first tool of it’s kind that can be used in the comfort of your home. It requires a minute treatment every other day for about 6 weeks. Results should peak around this time. Following this 6 week series of treatments, you will need to use it 2 times a week for maintenance.

Patient’s report no pain when using the Vfit Plus ™. In fact, many say it is actually enjoyable. This treatment is quick and painless, and does not present any risk for complication or side-effects.

O Shot TM Orgasm for Vaginal Health

The O Shot TM Orgasm is a one time, 15 minute treatment that is a great supplement to any treatment for vaginal revitalization.

Growth factors that are harvested from a patient’s own blood or donated from placenta are injected into various areas of the vagina. This encourages the production of new healthy tissues in the vagina that are related to sexual health and sensitivity. It also helps strengthen muscles in the vagina, improving control of urinary muscles and sexual function.

About the O Shot TM Orgasm Treatment
After we acquire the growth factors from your blood or a donor, we inject the solution into the upper vagina and the clitoris. These are the most important areas for sexual sensation and function in the vagina. Because these targeted areas will be anesthetized with a topical cream, the patient will feel little to no pain. Only 1 treatment is required for optimal results.

There is no downtime for this procedure. The patient will be able to immediately assume all regular daily activity.

Bioidentical Hormone Therapy For Sexual Health

With age, both men and woman lose hormones that are responsible for proper sexual health and function. Every hormone has a specific duty in the body. When these hormones deplete from age, the body does not function as well as it should be. By putting these hormones back into your body, we can reinvigorate sexual drive, performance, and improve the overall health of your sexual organs. Bioidentical hormone therapy is an extremely effective treatment for restoring hormones that are essential for sexual health and activity.

About the Process
Bioidentical hormones can be administered using a number of methods. Here at The Med Spot we offer creams, injections, pills, and pellets for hormone treatment. To find out what hormones should be given to the patient and how they are given we first need to take blood work. Once the blood is analyzed we are able to develop a strategic treatment.

The number of treatments is dependent on the extent of the patient’s hormone deficiencies. Complications can result if the wrong hormones or the wrong amount of the right hormones are prescribed. This is why it is essential that a patient finds a certified medical professional with experience when going through bioidentical hormone therapy.

As the leader in bioidentical hormone therapy and hormone replacement therapy in the San Fernando valley, come to Dr. Reyes at The Med Spot in Woodland Hills to find out more about hormone therapy, its cost, and all the pros and potential cons of the treatment.

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