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Non-Surgical Face Lift and Facial Contouring

Non Surgical Facelifts

As we age, our bodies experience a natural degradation everywhere, whether it be in the bones, muscles, skin, etc. The healing agents in the body do not work as well as they did in a person’s youth and, in turn, the body starts to lose what once secured its health and ability recover. Now, with non surgical facelifts, we are able to improve the health of the skin while also giving a facelift that is minimally invasive, requires no general anesthesia, and offers a much faster recovery.

What Is A Non-Surgical Facelift

Non surgical facelifts are minimally invasive procedures that require no large incisions in the skin. It is only performed with local anesthesia or topical anesthesia. This translates to minimal downtime, minimal cost, and no hospital stay. At The MedSpot, Dr. Reyes and her team specialize in minimally invasive facial rejuvenation and lifting using Botox, dermal fillers, the PDO Thread Lift, and the E Two Sublime.

Botox For Non Surgical Facelifts

Botox is the most common minimally invasive option to the standard surgical facelift.

How The Procedure Works
Botox can be injected into various muscles in the face that are responsible for pulling down to lift the face. Once injected, these muscles, called depressor muscles, are alleviated of any tension or ability to pull down. As a result, the more strength is given to the opposing muscles that pull up. Because these elevator muscles are have an easier time pulling up, the face is immediately lifted. Botox is effectively used for eyebrow, neck, lip, and jowl lifts.

Am I Right For It?
Although anyone looking for a minimally invasive facelift can benefit from botox, some people are more receptive to it. If your jaw muscle is particularly large or strong, this option could be best for you. This is why botox can also be good for people with TMJ. The relief the jaw muscle is given allows the muscle to relax and not lock. In the same way, it is also greatly beneficial for people who grind their teeth. As the leading specialist in Botox in Woodland Hills and West Hills, Dr. Reyes will help you to decide if this procedure is right for you. Come into The MedSpot for a free consultation and more information about this procedure.

Dermal Fillers for Non Surgical Facelifts

Dermal fillers have proven to be extremely affective to add volume to areas of the face that through the process of aging, have been exhausted of fat, dermal connective tissue and thickness,
and bone. Different types of dermal fillers are used depending on the effect a patient wants. The thickest of these fillers is what is best used for the non surgical facelift. These fillers can be used to take the place of other tissues and fats that have descended due to the aging process.

How It Works
These thicker fillers can be injected to sit on the upper cheek bones, or anywhere in the face that has been affected by loss of volume, to replace the old fat pads and even bone. Because the volume is replaced, the face is made to look youthful and tight. If there is excess fat that has fallen lower than the upper cheek bones it can be removed using a method of laser liposuction and skin tightening called the Precision TX Necklift (see below).

Benefits of Dermal Fillers for the Non Surgical Facelift
The traditional facelift doesn’t correct the problem of volume lost in the face— it only pulls the skin up and back. Dermal fillers add the lost volume back into the face. This is what actually makes the face look youthful. If the skin is only pulled taught up and back, the skin will look tonight against a face that does not have optimal amounts of collagen and other tissues. This most often results in a skeletal looking face. If you do get a traditional surgical facelift, it is important that you complement it with dermal fillers This way your skin will be tight around a face that looks healthy with lift and volume.

PDO Threadlift for Non Surgical Facelifts

Another option for non surgical facelifting is the PDO Thread Lift. A PDO (Poly-Diaxanone) Thread Lift is a procedure which utilizes a thin molded suture to lift soft tissues and sagging skin. These threads can structure parts of the face that have began to droop from aging.

What Are PDO Threads?
PDO are synthetic, absorbable sutures composed of Poly-Diaxanone. PDO sutures are used for open heart surgery. It is one of the safest materials used for the body. Your skin fully absorbs it within 6 months and no scar tissue remains.

At The MedSpot, we prefer to use barb threads as this has proven to be most affective, fastest. Barb threads have tiny notches on the thread that hold and collect tissue to lift the loose or saggy skin. While the skin is held in place, collagen is naturally produced. By allowing the body to naturally fill in the affected area, the collagen secures the lift. Because of this, the effects last longer than the threads. The affected area is essentially being naturally revitalized as it is being held in place by the threads. Eventually, the threads are absorbed and dissolve into the skin.

How Does The PDO Threadlift Work?
The PDO Threadlift is a simple office procedure done with no cuts or incisions. After the application of a local anesthetic the threads are inserted under the skin using a small, hollow needle. After the threads are inserted the needle is removed. Because of this technique, no scars are left. These threads lift and support loose skin and soft tissues. In turn, the skin is repositioned to lift the face and fill out folds and wrinkles in the affected area(s).
While the skin is unaffected and unharmed, the tissue underneath the skin reacts to the suture and creates more collagen in the face and lifts the vector of the suture.

ETwo Sublime Laser for Non Surgical Facelifts

One of the most skin revitalizing options for non-surgical facelifts is the eTwo EMatrix Sublime laser. This laser utilizes a combination bi-polar radio frequency and light energies to heat the deep dermal tissue. This heat stimulates collagen production and formation in the targeted treatment area.

How Does the eTwo EMatrix Sublime Laser Work?
The eTwo EMatrix laser works by using these bi-polar radio frequencies and light energies to affect areas deep under the skin. The laser is powerful and precise enough to stimulate the production of collagen while the skin is unaffected. This provides optimal results in lessening fine lines while tightening, contouring and lifting the skin without downtime.

How Many Treatments Do I Need with the eTwo EMatrix Sublime Laser
The eTwo EMatrix Sublime requires multiple treatments for best results. The number of treatments depends on the condition of the patient’s skin. In turn, the patient will see cumulative results.

To find out more about the ETwo Sublime Sublative laser and if it is right for you, come to the MedSpot in Woodland Hills.

The Precision TX Necklift for Non Surgical Facelifts

The most long lasting results afforded by any invasive of these minimally invasive facelift procedures is the Precision TX Necklift. This is the only procedure that requires any cutting.

How The Precision TX Necklift Works
The Precision TX Necklift is performed by cutting a very small opening in the skin and using a laser wand to melt fat while also rejuvenating the skin. First, the laser is turned towards the fat at the perfect temperature to allow it to melt without injuring the body in any way. It is either suctioned out or just naturally comes out as it becomes a less viscous oil. Then, the wand is turned towards the skin at a lower temperature. The heat tricks the body into thinking it needs to repair itself. So, more collagen and other tissues are produced. These tissues and collagens are responsible for tightening of the skin and general health of the skin. This process is called thermal neocollagenesis. Through this process, the Precision TX Necklift allows the body to naturally heal the skin that has been degraded from years of aging.

About the Procedure
This non surgical facelift modality requires No sutures are needed after the procedure. The Precision TX laser is highly absorbed by water and is not dangerous to the body in any way. Still, there is often light bruising and swelling. Within a day or two, the bruising and swelling should be gone and the patient can be back to his or her every day life. The Precision TX treatment is best used for the neck and underneath the chin.

As the leading specialist in non surgical facelifts in Woodland Hills, West Hills, and Calabasas Dr. Reyes will help you to decide if this procedure is right for you. Come into The MedSpot for a free consultation and more information about this procedure.

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