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Nutrition Support

What Is Nutrition Support?

Nutrition support involves helping you develop a highly customized nutrition and meal plan designed to help you lose excess weight and achieve your most important health goals. The foods you put into your body play a major role in your ability to maintain a healthy weight and stave off illness and chronic disease. Nutrition support at The Med Spot involves weekly diet evaluation to ensure you are meeting your unique nutritional needs while also identifying and addressing health problems being driven by your diet.

How Does Nutrition Support Work?

During your first nutrition support appointment, Dr. Michelle Reyes will evaluate your current diet and talk to you about your eating habits. She will review the types of foods and beverages you consume, and recommend how you can modify your diet to reduce inflammation, lose weight, and improve other aspects of your health.

Nutrition programs at The Med Spot generally last for one month and require you to check in weekly so Dr. Michelle Reyes and her team can monitor your health and weight-loss progress. Blood draws may be performed to determine whether you have an underlying health condition contributing to weight gains, such as thyroid disease, nutritional deficiencies, and hormonal imbalances. In some instances, you may be prescribed medication to jump-start your weight loss or improve the health conditions that your diet had been driving.

What Nutrition Support Can Do For You

Nutrition support helps you implement a healthy meal plan that contributes to a higher metabolism, higher energy, weight loss, and fewer health problems. Many traditional healthcare settings tend to overlook the importance of nutrition and the role it plays in weight loss and your health, but this service can help you learn more about the benefits of practicing good nutrition for life, and not just at times you want to lose excess weight.

Nutrition support teaches you about the best times of the day to eat, and about the best foods to eat in the morning, afternoon, and night, and before and after exercising. Nutrition support also helps you identify which foods in your diet may be holding you back from achieving your weight-loss goals and making you feel great.

Who Can Benefit From Nutrition Support?

Nutrition support can benefit nearly anyone regardless of whether they are trying to lose excess weight. Good nutrition can help you stay healthy for years, contributes to a stronger immune system, and reduce your risk of illness and disease.

Nutrition support at The Med Spot is particularly beneficial for those who live near Calabasas or Hidden Hills and who want to identify the root causes and health problems interfering with their ability to lose excess weight. This service can also help those who have been unable to lose excess weight through diet and exercise alone, as Dr. Michelle Reyes can perform an in-depth evaluation of diet to identify areas of improvement.

Why Ask for Nutrition Support at The Med Spot?

The Med Spot in Woodland Hills specializes in several weight management services designed to help you lose weight, increase your confidence, and look and feel like the very best version of yourself. Dr. Michelle Reyes can even prescribe weight-loss medications or combine nutrition support with other weight-loss services to help you reach your goals. The Med Spot prides itself on working with patients to address underlying health concerns so they can finally overcome weight-loss barriers and benefit from a greater quality of life.

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