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Have you noticed the signs of aging in your faces, such as wrinkles, folds, and hollows? Do exercise and diet elevate your mood and make you happy with your figure, resulting in your face and hands looking hollow, saggy, and older than you want? If that’s the case, you might be considering injectable fillers to restore youthful volume in your face and hands. Many injectable fillers provide only short-term results, but Radiesse® results can still look beautiful after a year or more without additional treatments.

Want to learn whether Radiesse® is the right injectable dermal filler for you? Dr. Michelle Reyes can help. She has been helping people in the Valley enjoy a better quality of life since 1997. She offers a wide range of minimally invasive cosmetic treatments like Radiesse® in Woodland Hills at The Med Spot. She can help you decide if this or another approach is best for your concerns if you schedule a one-on-one consultation.

What Radiesse® Can Do for You

Radiesse® is a versatile dermal filler. It is approved for use on:

  • Smile lines (nasolabial folds or parentheses around the mouth)
  • Marionette lines
  • Pre-jowl folds
  • Corners of the mouth
  • Chin wrinkles
  • Hands

We understand: there are many things people call “smile lines.” In this case, we refer to the lines that run from the corners of the nose around either side of the mouth, called nasolabial folds or parentheses lines. Radiesse® can minimize the appearance of these lines.

Marionette lines run from the corners of the mouth down, sometimes to the jawline. The marionette lines start inside the smile line. Compared to the pre-jowl folds which start outside the smile lines. Marionette lines and pre-jowl folds can run parallel, or they might meet up at or before the jawline to create a deeper fold. Radiesse® can fill these folds to rejuvenate the mouth area and reduce the appearance of jowls.

Sometimes, tissue loss can cause the corners of the mouth to turn downward, creating an angry, sad, or tired appearance. Radiesse® can replace lost tissue to support your mouth so your expression reflects how you really feel.

A deep fold in the area between the lips and the chin can distract from your smile and contribute to the appearance of a “witch’s chin.” Radiesse® can reduce this effect, letting your smile show.

Unlike most dermal fillers, Radiesse® has also been approved to fill the hollows in the hand, which can show your age. Many people neglect their hands when looking for rejuvenating treatments, but Radiesse® ensures your hands don’t make you look older than you feel.

In addition, Dr. Michelle Reyes uses Radiesse® for several “off-label” uses, including:

  • Cheekbone augmentation
  • Week chin correction
  • Repair resorbed bones
  • Tighten a crepey neck

Radiesse® has a unique texture. Compared to most dermal fillers, which are soft like fatty tissue, Radiesse® has a firmness that allows it to emulate bone. Using Radiesse®, Dr. Michelle Reyes can use this filler to augment the bones in your face. This could be used to make a higher cheekbone, strengthen a weak or receding chin, or fill out your jawbone if you’ve lost bone there.

Dr. Michelle Reyes can also take advantage of the collagen-stimulating effect of Radiesse® to restore the appearance of a crepey neck. We can improve the effect even more by using an energy-based treatment like Morpheus 8. The effect is tighter, smoother, and more substantial skin in the neck.

How Radiesse® Works

As we get older, our body loses the fat and connective tissue that give the face its youthful contours. Radiesse® partly replaces these lost tissues, but it also encourages the body to make its own connective tissues. In particular, Radiesse® stimulates the production of collagen, an important supportive tissue that diminishes as we get older.

Radiesse® is different from other dermal fillers. It isn’t just a gel. It contains two parts calcium hydroxyapatite (CHA) microspheres suspended in a gel dermal filler. CHA is commonly used to stimulate healing in many situations because it encourages the body to build a framework around it that can provide structure for healing tissues. That’s exactly what the body does, too. As it absorbs the water-based gel, the body builds collagen fibers around the spheres. At the same time, it absorbs the microspheres, which contain calcium and other minerals the body can readily utilize.

And don’t worry: The spheres won’t be visible or create a bumpy appearance because they’re too small. The microspheres are about 1/1000th of an inch, approximately half the size of a single pixel on the iPhone 12 screen.

How Long Do Radiesse® Results Last?

Radiesse® results are very long-lasting, especially when compared to other dermal fillers. In most studies, 90% of people are still satisfied with their Radiesse® results after 12 months.

Why Choose The Med Spot for Radiesse® in Woodland Hills

When looking for Radiesse® in the Los Angeles area, choose a place that cares about more than just your appearance. The Med Spot is partly a passion project for Dr. Michelle Reyes, who provides minimally invasive cosmetic treatments in addition to helping people age with grace and good health. She loves helping her neighbors in Calabasas, Tarzana, Hidden Hills, and beyond.

The Med Spot is a safe, comfortable place where everyone is welcome. We don’t tell you what it means to be your best self; we work with you to help achieve it. Questions are welcome, and you are always in charge of your treatment.

Want to learn whether Radiesse® or another cosmetic treatment is right for you? Please contact The Med Spot online or call 818-201-2830 today for a one-on-one consultation with Dr. Michelle Reyes and The Med Spot team.

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