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What is ezGEL PRF?

Platelet rich fibrin (PRF) utilizes your body’s own healing cells and growth factors. The concentrated form of platelet rich fibrin and potent blood components are prepared to form a gel with the help of the ezGEL PRF technology.

What is ezGEL PRF?

Platelet rich plasma, platelet rich fibrin, white blood cells, and stem cells from your own body are used to create ezGEL PRF. The fibrin component combined with the preparation utilized by the ezGEL PRF system allows for optimal delivery of cells and growth factors. The results provided by ezGEL PRF are superior to previous generations of plasma preparations. ezGEL PRF provides more vital cells and maximizes growth factors. The growth factors and fibrin are delivered in higher concentrations and remain active for a longer period of time when the ezGEL PRF technology is used. 

How is ezGEL PRF prepared?

A blood draw collected at The Med Spot office is the first step in preparing ezGEL PRF. A small amount of blood will be collected from your arm into a special tube. The ezGEL PRF is one-hundred percent natural and an additive-free solution. The tube of your own blood is placed in a special centrifuge which spins the blood. The ezGEL PRF centrifuge uses a low G-Force. This low G-Force speed allows more white blood cells and more stem cells to remain viable. This means when you are treated with ezGEL PRF there is a higher concentration and greater duration of growth factors available to help stimulate results. 

When you receive AccuTite® at The Med Spot, you’ll benefit from the skill, attention to detail, and experience of Dr. Michelle Reyes and The Med Spot team.

How does ezGEL PRF work?

Fibrin from your blood provides a scaffold structure. Platelet rich fibrin (PRF) is sometimes called platelet rich fibrin matrix (PRFM). As both names suggest the fibrin provides a matrix or scaffold structure to support the growth of new cells and harness the body’s natural healing process. Platelet Rich fibrin remains bioavailable and is one important part of the regenerative properties present when ezGEL PRF treatments are performed. 

What can ezGEL PRF do for you?

Skin rejuvenation, tear troughs, and hair restoration are a few areas where ezGEL PRF are commonly utilized. Most often ezGEL PRF is injected just like a dermal filler or it can be combined with your favorite dermal filler treatment for the added benefits of concentrated growth factors. This innovative preparation for hair restoration, ezGEL PRF is injected into the scalp. At The Med Spot we like to combine ezGEL PRF with exosomes for maximum regenerative effects. After harnessing your body’s own healing factors, ezGEL PRF can be used as part of any laser or microneedling treatment to help improve comfort, maximize results, and lessen down-time. Accelerated tissue healing from ezGEL PRF means you receive better results than previously available. 

What to expect from an ezGEL PRF treatment?

ezGEL PRF is extremely safe. It is autologous – meaning it comes from your own body. The preparation of ezGEL PRF is one hundred percent natural and is an additive-free solution. The treatment requires drawing your blood. Once the vial of blood is collected, preparing the ezGEL PRF takes a few minutes. Appointments for ezGEL PRF are typically scheduled for 45 minutes or longer. A needle or cannula are used to inject ezGEL PRF. All injectable treatments carry the possibility of  slight swelling, discoloration around the injection site, bleeding, or bruising. Generally these side effects are minimal and resolve within a few days. The Med Spot takes every step to ensure you feel comfortable during your ezGEL PRF treatment. 

Why ask for ezGEL PRF  at The Med Spot?

Dr. Michelle Reyes and The Med Spot team combine an artful approach to cosmetic care with non-surgical, minimally invasive techniques to deliver maximum results. The Med Spot practice is committed to assisting clients manage healthy aging and optimizing wellness. Combining natural treatments with cutting-edge technology to deliver solutions like ezGEL PRF. The Med Spot will help you realize your full potential while appealing to a holistic approach to wellness and healthy living.

When you go to The Med Spot for ezGEL PRF treatments, you can feel complete confidence that you are receiving the best care possible, which is personalized to your unique aesthetic needs. If you are considering a rejuvenating treatment but fear surgery or more invasive solutions, then ezGEL PRF treatments might be right for you. ezGEL PRF is safe and effective utilizing your body’s natural growth factors and regenerative powers to restore youthful-looking skin and hair.

Dr. Michelle Reyes has years of experience helping clients improve their appearance. The Med Spot will help you look your best. To learn about how ezGEL PRF treatments can benefit you, schedule a personal one-on-one consultation with a member of The Med Spot team.

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