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Get Fuller, Darker, Longer Lashes with Latisse®

Transform your lashes with Latisse® from The Med Spot

Latisse® is the first product approved by the FDA for treating inadequate or insufficient eyelashes. The medical name for lashes below average in thickness, length, or number is eyelash hypotrichosis. Latisse® is a prescription medicine shown in clinical trials and real-world practice to grow fuller, longer, and darker eyelashes for patients with eyelash hypotrichosis.

How does it work?

Although Latisse has been proven safe and effective, doctors and researchers don’t know how it works. Their best guess is that it increases the anagen, or growth, phase of your eyelashes’ life cycle. It is thought that Latisse most likely increases the duration of time that the anagen (growth) phase lasts, as well as increasing the number of individual hairs produced during that phase.

Latisse was discovered by accident. During development of an eye drop for elevated intraocular pressure (a risk factor for glaucoma), patients began to report a side effect of growing fuller, longer, and darker eyelashes. Naturally, the manufacturer Allergan began studying the eye drop’s active ingredient, bimatoprost, for this effect. After completing a 16-week clinical trial, 78% of participants grew longer, fuller, and darker eyelashes, and some participants noticed changes to eyelashes as early as four weeks. The FDA approved the medication for cosmetic use as the product called Latisse.

What can it do for me?

There are many different reasons someone—male or female—might be unhappy with their eyelashes. Some may have fit the medical definition for eyelash hypotrichosis all their lives. Other reasons include:

  • Being a blonde or a redhead with very light or even transparent eyelashes that disappear on your face.
  • Eyelashes that thinned due to stress or hormonal changes.
  • Eyelashes that became inadequate with age.
  • Loss of eyelashes due to years of wearing false lashes or natural lashes being ripped out by eyelash extensions.

No matter how you wound up with insufficient lashes, with Latisse, you can grow your own long, dark, full lashes. Using Latisse will help you grow eyelashes  to highlight your eyes in person, over Zoom, behind glasses, and in photographs. No false eyelashes or stress on your natural lash is needed.

How do you use Latisse?

Latisse must be prescribed by a healthcare practitioner to ensure that patients use it properly and avoid unintended effects, such as darkening of hair outside the eyelash area.

All it takes to grow longer, more noticeable lashes is to apply Latisse to the upper lashes once a night, after removing makeup and contact lenses. The Latisse treatment kit comes with sterile, single-use applicator brushes. You place one drop on a fresh brush and apply it along the base of the upper eyelid, then blot off any excess liquid with a tissue.

Use only once a day—more often won’t speed up results. You may observe improvement in a month, and most people see full results in 16 weeks or four months. Once you’ve achieved the lush eyelashes of your dreams, you will need to maintain them. Discontinuing Latisse will lead to your eyelashes returning to their previous state within weeks to months.

Why get Latisse at The Med Spot?

In December of 2008, Latisse was FDA-approved as the first prescription for fuller, darker, longer eyelashes. This effect was proven in a clinical trial by a team of 16 doctors from across the United States. Since then, around 8.7 million Latisse treatment kids have been sold. Get yours with confidence at The Med Spot.

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