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5 Reasons to Choose PRP for Hair Loss


5 Reasons to Choose PRP for Hair Loss

To millions each year, hair loss and premature hair loss is a serious issue that can drastically impact your confidence. There are multiple treatments and solutions that claim to be able to restore your hair but those are often only temporary, while transplants and other procedures are usually thousands of dollars and take months to recover. However, recent medical advances have made it easier to get the desired hair growth results you are looking for without the side effects and other drawbacks of other methods. Here are just 5 reasons why PRP injections are so effective when compared to other treatments for hair loss.

  • Better Results –

    Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) injections are formed using your own blood and plasma meaning there is no risk of your body rejecting the treatment or reducing the results that you see. These treatments help with:

    Growth of existing hair

    Reduces overall hair loss

    Reverses hair thinning

  • More Affordable –

    One PRP injection typically costs around $400 with the initial three treatments costing anywhere between $1,500- $3,500. It may sound expensive but compared to other transplant procedures that run between $4,000-$12,000 it is much more affordable.

  • Fast Treatments –

    Including the actual injection, the entire PRP process takes about 90 minutes a session. Treatments don’t require extensive preparation and will have you in and out.

  • Safer Procedure –

    With other hair loss treatments you run the risk of possible allergic reactions or your body rejecting/being intolerant of whatever method you may be using. Because PRP injections are made using your own blood cells there is no risk of any reactions, ensuring you stay safe for every visit

  • Minimal Discomfort/Recovery –

    Only a small amount of blood is needed to extract the plasma for the procedure and since it isn’t a surgery you will only have a small amount of discomfort. PRP also doesn’t require any downtime or recovery; you can simply drive home after the procedure and resume all of your normal daily activities.

Woodland Hills’ PRP Treatment Experts

At the Med Spot in Woodland Hills we pride ourselves on offering the latest and best treatment possible. PRP treatment is a fast growing procedure that is helping millions regain their confidence and restore their hair in a safe, natural way. Our doctors undergo annual training courses to make sure that we are always learning the latest and best ways to help you get the effective results that you desire. If you’re considering PRP treatments or would like to speak with one of our doctors with any questions or for additional information please call or visit the Med Spot today. We’re here to help you look and feel your best.

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