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Get Rid of Your Quarantine 15

Increased stress, more frequent snacking, and binge-watching television can be a recipe for weight gain. At The Med Spot, we address weight loss concerns with a holistic approach. We provide care and develop a plan focusing on your needs and lifestyle.

Positivity, perseverance, and planning are key to weight management. Helping you lose weight starts with a consultation. Dr. Michelle Reyes will meet with you to review your health history and answer questions. Developing an individualized plan and scheduled weekly meetings are intended to review and track your progress. Our primary objective is for you to achieve a healthy weight and body composition.

The food we eat nourishes our body. Studies show that foods containing omega-3 fatty acids can protect against heart disease and relieve mild depression. Nutrition is a key component of addressing weight loss. At The Med Spot, we will help you formulate meal plans tailored to your preferences. High-fiber, nutrient/mineral-dense, and low-glycemic foods are all part of a path to a body with a stronger stress-resistant shield. Your personalized meal plan will aim to decrease inflammation in the body. Small fluctuations in weight are normal; planning meals that sustain healthy weight loss and promote longevity are part of the weight loss mentorship provided by The Med Spot.

Body chemistry and hormones can influence your appetite and stamina. The Med Spot offers support in the form of vitamins, hormone supplementation, and medications to optimize your physical health and body mass. Fat burning and metabolism slow with age. The Med Spot’s IV therapy and injections with vitamins and minerals are an option to improve energy, mental clarity, and boost metabolism.

Medication management prescribed by Dr. Michelle Reyes can help to address your physical health, mental wellbeing, and weight loss concerns. There are several FDA approved prescription medications to assist with weight loss by suppressing appetite and speeding metabolism. Carefully monitoring progress and collaborating towards a more healthy you is our goal.

Connect with The Med Spot office at 818-888-1105 to schedule a consultation, we would love to hear from you!

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